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Jason | Photographer / Cinematographer

Jason was raised in the beach community of Torrance, California, and has been enveloped in the arts his entire life. From That’s Entertainment, to the Warped Tour, to seeing Fiddler on the Roof at the Pantages before he was old enough to drive, Jason has harbored an affinity for drama, the romanticized, and those that know how to express it best. He attained his Bachelor’s degree in Film from California State University, Fullerton, in 2015, and has been dedicated to the art of storytelling through Photography ever since.

When asked what interests him about capturing weddings, Jason says, “it’s the thrill of the unknown. Every couple has their own unique story to share, and we get the opportunity to document the start of a new chapter in that story. Anything can happen”.

This year, you can expect to find Jason preparing for what could be the next big step in his career, as he pursues his candidacy for graduate school at some of the finest art universities in Europe…