Do we get to choose the Photographer?
As the client you get to choose your lead Photographer. We encourage you meet with one of our photographers during the meeting process or sometime before the wedding so you’ll know who will be directing your on the wedding day. Each photographer has their own style approach. Inquiry today for more details

Alex | Thamer | Brian | Jason | Elizabeth

How long does it take to get our engagement and/or wedding photos back?
It takes about 4-6 weeks to process and edit an engagement session. Wedding photo processing and editing take about 10-12 weeks. Every collection includes an online gallery with downloading from Pixieset. This makes it easy to put your images on your computer, share with friends and family, and post to your social media. From your gallery, you'll be able to order high quality prints directly from my Pixieset.

Do you travel?
Yes, we LOVE to travel! We have been to Mexico, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, and New York! It is best to book us early to ensure our availability for travel days. We do our best logistically, to provide each party with the best quote and travel accommodations.

Do you offer discounts?
Every collection is tightly budgeted to have the best people and equipment available to produce your wedding film, and to offer it at the most affordable rate. We take creating the best film for you and your loved ones very seriously, and do not cut anything in the back-end that would compromise your film.

We have an extended break in the day, can you discount that?
The general rule our Cinematographers and Photographers follow is that the most important parts of your story are typically in-between the main events. Setting our cameras down to give a discount would only be doing a disservice to

What is your approach to Wedding Cinematography?
Our filming approach at it’s core is cinematic. However, a wedding is an event and events need to be filmed in a documentary style. We like to capture candid moments, waiting for things to unfold naturally rather than staging events. Yet, there are times a little of our coaching goes a long way. To sum it up, we film a documentary style with a flair of cinematic.

In editing, we don’t follow a certain format or template. We follow a time-shifting model to produce a compelling story of the day. We use a lot of the diegetic audio to tell your wedding story. Our wedding films are more of the cinematic documentary form focusing on “content”, for as they say, content is king”

What is the difference between a Same Day Edit and a Highlight Video?
A Same Day Edit (SDE) is a 3-5 minute highlight video pieced together throughout your actual wedding day, and shown during the reception for all your family and friends to enjoy, whereas Highlight Videos are edited and delivered after the fact. Weddings can be dizzying, and over before you want it to be, and in our belief there is no greater way to watch it come to life than to sit back, relax, and take it in with the ones who matter most, on the day you’ll never want to forget.

What is a Documentary Edit?
Documentary Edits are your two major wedding day events in whole as individual segments. The Documentary Edit is edited between our the various camera angles to give you a “live broadcast” feel. Documentary Edits are perfect for those seeking detail and complete captures of their wedding day.

What is a Hybrid Photographer?
Hybrid photographers shoot in both film(35mm and 120mm) and digital mediums, The Prince Weddings photographers believe there is a time and place for each. Film provides gorgeous, timeless, colors while digital is reliable and fast. The combination of the two mediums together makes for an amazing end result. We have the options to shoot your full wedding or engagement sessions in film only. Thamer, and Jason are all Hybrid Photographers. Alex has the talent and ability to shoot your entire wedding in film. Inquiry today for more details - | 949-478-5322

Are you licensed and have liability insurance?
Yes, we have liability insurance and workers compensation. Prince Weddings is a DBA of Prince Productions INC. We have a a re-sellers license from the State of California and business permit from the City of Huntington Beach.

How does an engagement session work?
To capture the moments of authentic, honest emotion between two people in love, Prince Weddings believes it is essential to build a connection between the couple and your wedding photographer. Learning our couples stories and listening to their hopes for the future, our Photographer can forms a bond with our couples that draws out their personalities and help them to relax in front of the camera. Our photography approach thrives on the natural movement our couples. Engagement sessions are a great way to get to get comfortable with your photographer before your wedding day.