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Brian | Photographer / Cinematographer

I picked up my first camera over 25 years ago and immediately fell in love with photography. My father was a photographer and passed that gene on to me. I started with nature and eventually evolved into wedding photography. That's part of what makes my approach to photography unique: I apply my passion for nature and its elements to my portrait and wedding photography. It gives me the ability to incorporate the surroundings with creativity and flow.

Wedding photography is a unique thing in and of itself though. It's a fast moving and dynamic event that takes skill and experience to photograph. I've honed that skill over the past several years to capture the story of the day in a way that is fun and lets the couple experience the ride, without having to worry about what the guy with the camera is doing. 

So as you can see, it's much more than just taking pictures of people. Through my process I capture your essence; who you really are. Not the posed you, but the you that needs to breathe, have fun, let go, and celebrate. When you, your family, and your friends look at those photos a few years from now I want you to be able to see and feel those emotions all over again! My mission is to capture these moments so you can experience them for a lifetime.

Here's some personal info about me:

I love the great outdoors. I do an annual backpacking trip in the high Sierra. I have two small dogs, Zoe and Sugar (and yes, they sleep on the bed with me). I can’t walk by a dog without saying hello. I love hockey. I love good wine. I try to meditate at least 3-4 times a week. Mountains or beach? Both! 

But in the end I’m just a down to Earth guy who loves what he does, so be ready to have fun!