Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Metropol Wedding Video | Mirna + Miguel

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Metropol Wedding Video | Mirna + Miguel

“Love is not one thing all the time. It is beautiful and it is wild, it is free and it is hard”

There is something to be said about a love like this, and we are so proud to share that story with you today, with the hope that it inspires you much in the way it inspired us.

Our videographers arrived at the DoubleTree Hotel in Los Angeles for the wedding between Mirna and Miguel, knowing full well this would be a wedding worth remembering. After recording some touching words sent to one another, our team departed to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, one of our absolute favorite churches to visit, and setup for the ceremony ahead. The processional was grand, especially with the hall filled of Mirna and Miguel’s loving family and friends. Outside the cathedral soon thereafter, we allowed for enough time to capture every one of those friends and family members, and of course, some romantic time with Mirna and Miguel alone. The night shots we got of our newlyweds that evening continue to blow us away, we think you’ll understand why. And with that excitement at the ready, we made our way to another Prince Weddings venue favorite: Metropol Banquet. There could not have been a finer closing to what had already been an incredible day. The food, laughter, dancing, and sheer excitement of Love being victorious was more than enough to fill our hearts (and cameras). Thank you Mirna and Miguel, for having us present on the day of your marriage, to capture your wedding unfold, one smile at a time. May you both have many happy anniversaries to come.

Photo: Gilbert Rivera

Entertainment: Divine Musical Group

Flowers: Sebas Flowers

Cake: Special Cakes by Ruben