Wedgewood Glen Ivy Wedding | Jamie + Louie

Wedgewood Glen Ivy Wedding Video | Jamie + Louie

“I need your grace, to remind me to find me own” Prince Productions had the great opportunity to capture Jamie and Louie’s incredible wedding day on February 25, 2017. The festivities began at the Ayres Hotel in Corona, where our wedding videographers Sergio and Taylor met up with the bride and groom, all eager to set sail on this journey of love. The limousine arrived, and we were off to Wedgewood Glen Ivy. Jamie and Louie had their First Look there beside the water, with Santiago Peak and the surrounding hills draped brilliantly over them. What a lush and gorgeous setting we were treated to for the remainder of our day. At 4:00, the moment Jamie and Louie had dreamed of arrived: the ceremony to unite them as one. And there, in the presence of all their family and friends, they became at last, husband and wife. There was not a thing to do then but celebrate, and soon thereafter was the reception. Laughs, speeches, dancing, and even some awesome Photo Booth action, were a few of the many ways everyone enjoyed themselves that night. We certainly did, especially in the company of so much love. Congratulations Jamie and Louie, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to seal in frame a day that will surely not be forgotten.