St. Brendan Church, Castaway Wedding Video (Same Day Edit) | Natalie + Lucio

St. Brendan Church, Castaway Wedding Video (Same Day Edit) | Natalie + Lucio

From Vasquez Rocks, by the sweeping hills of Burbank, to the epicenter of Los Angeles… much like their wedding day, Natalie & Lucio’s love conquers all. And Prince Weddings had the absolute privilege to capture their incredible day of Sacrament and celebration, one with the support of all their family and friends.

The day began for cinematographer Nathan Prince at both the groom and bride’s homes in sunny Palmdale, California. After a touching gift exchange and traded dedications, it was time for all parties to head towards the city, where videographers Sergio and Jason, and editor Sharelle, were patiently awaiting their arrival. Natalie & Lucio requested of us a Same Day Edit, and you can believe we were all fired up about it. We all agreed that St. Brendan’s is a leading architectural beauty in the world of chapels in Los Angeles, and the perfect location for Natalie & Lucio’s love to shine. Following a fantastic ceremony, Nathan and Sergio led our couple to the Los Angeles Public Library for romantics, while Jason and Sharelle headed to the reception site for setup and editing. And before we knew it, the beautiful Burbank Castaway was filled to the brim with family and friends, all their to celebrate the newlyweds. And when we tell you these folks could dance, we mean it! The night was nothing short of laughs and good times, and watching the look on our couple’s faces while playing their wedding video to them was the cherry on top.

Endless thank yous to Natalie, Lucio, and all their friends and family for having us capture such an important day in their lives. Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom!

Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Antonio Chirico
Flowers: The Finishing Touch
Cake: Jaqkis Cake Creations
Venue Coordinator: Cynthia Reyes
Church Coordinator: Ann Mehren