Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding Photos | Diana + Jeffrey

Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding Photos | Diana + Jeffrey

Intimacy is an association and relationship we know all too well, but is one of many pieces of life that continue to evolve and inspire us as we grow with our experiences. In a wedding context, we are blessed to be given admittance into some of the most intimate parts of any person’s life, to then have the opportunity to create art and a timeless gift—that itself is a gift to us. We can proudly say the intimacy we have felt through nearly twelve years in the industry has been the driving force behind Prince Weddings, and it’s all due to those couples and the love shared on their wedding days.

Many of those incredible weddings have been at their core, intimate—small, connected, focused, and filled with affection. But there’s something still so intimate—in maybe other fascinating, familial ways—about a large wedding. All the various, tiny moving parts in hard-working automation for what are simply just two hearts, coming together for one small day. It was that very undertaking, what could potentially be days and nights of beautiful, organized chaos for us, that thrilled us to Diana & Jeffrey.

For not only did they deliver us our biggest wedding of 2016, they took us on a ride through two engagement sessions—one taking place in Seattle, Washington—and brought out the very best of nearly our entire team. One could say “the smaller, the better” in most cases… but for every challenge or great opportunity Prince Weddings have come across, we have and will continue to say “bring it on”.

So without further ado, we are immensely proud to present the story of Diana & Jeffrey.

At nine o’clock sharp, the first half of our Video and Photo team arrived at the beautiful family home in Los Angeles for Diana & Jeffrey’s Tea Ceremony. Cinematographer and owner Nathan Prince, along with Lead Photographer Alex and assistant Frank, were sure to capture the laughs had and traditions of the morning. Midday rolled around before they could believe it, and by this time the second half of our team, consisting of Sergio, Thamer, Jason, and Editor-in-Chief Sharelle, began to pull up to the very glamorous Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. This incredible ocean-side, turnkey venue could not have been a sharper fit for Diana & Jeffrey, as well as a very accommodating setting for us and the Same Day Edit we were creating. The First Look came and went in a lovely flash, and following much photo-taking and anticipation, it was time for the ceremony. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, beneath rays of sunlight peaking through the clouds, Diana & Jeffrey were wedded at last—food jokes, tears, and all. Next up: a fun-loving cocktail hour and reception, all the while Sharelle was putting the finishing touches on the SDE. Finally, nearing the night’s end, with so much anticipation (especially from us), the Same Day Edit was revealed to Diana & Jeffrey, and all their family and friends. The satisfaction we get from the reactions of everyone in the room is unmatched, as there is seriously no feeling like it… except maybe for when the In-N-Out truck pulled up to the venue just minutes after—what a way to end the night. From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank Diana, Jeffrey, and everyone involved for making this fairytale wedding come to life. It was a ride all of us at Prince Weddings will never forget, and we wish the couple many, many happy anniversaries.