Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photos | Rex + Linda

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photos | Rex + Linda

The devotion Rex & Linda have together is transparent—you can see it in their eyes when they fall upon each other, and you can feel it in the way they call out for one another. It was something we don’t take for granted here at Prince Weddings, which made capturing the most important day of their lives—something we are grateful for—that much more exceptional.

The day began at the splendidly arboreous Sheraton hotel in Agoura Hills, where our team of wedding Videographers Nathan and Elizabeth, Photographers Thamer and Alex, assistant Frank, and Same Day Editor Sharelle caught up in time to catch glimpses of their final preparations. Everything ran so smoothly, with the dress tied up and the gifts all exchanged, we couldn’t believe it was time already to head back to one of our favorite venues in the area, Calamigos Ranch. We were fortunate enough to spend our day at the Oaks Room, an idyllic portion of the ranch adorned with beautiful trims of wood and glass, and details we couldn’t pass up to capture. And when the clock struck half past five, it was time for Rex & Linda to be wed. Following a touching and often amusing ceremony, (due in part to Alan their officiant) not a single soul could wait to celebrate. This dream was a long-time coming, and all the stress and strain was released in the most joyous way with all of Rex & Linda’s friends and family. It was truly a night they’ll never forget, and a time we will so-often remember. Thank you to Rex & Linda for having us capture their gorgeous wedding day… we wish them many happy anniversaries to come.

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Video (SDE) | Rex + Linda

Wedding Professionals -

DJ: DJ Knuckles (David Jones)
Flowers: Vave Studios
Band: Cityside (Manager: Mana Thome (619) 822-9411)
Cake: Van's Bakery (714) 590-1888
Coordinator: Helen Truc  | Exotic Green Garden (800) 821-2097
Officiant: Alan Katz of Great Officiants