Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels Wedding Photos | Kia + Manny

Kia + Manny | Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels Wedding Photos

The beautiful thing we at Prince Weddings found about Kia & Manny’s love, was that it was so much more than simply the union of two souls—it was a union of two grand, passionate families and friend groups, all present and cheering for one reason, and one cause—that of Kia & Manny’s brilliant devotion to each other. This tale begins in the sun-soaked city of Glendale, where our Photography & Videography team met up with the couple at the magnificent Embassy Suites. The hotel is something marvelous, straight out of a science-fiction movie, with it’s open glass-interior and a freestanding elevator that shot us to the top where Kia was busy getting ready. Her suite had a breathtaking view and we made sure to utilize it for all the photos we took of her and her beautiful bridesmaids! Meanwhile, Manny and his troupe were making their final adjustments around the corner, getting fresh for the big day ahead. When both parties were ready, we headed downtown to the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, arguably the most spectacular church in all of Southern California—a breathtaking backdrop for Kia & Manny to tie the knot. And that’s exactly what they did; they took our breath away as the first kiss was given as husband and wife. Kia & Manny’s dreams had finally become reality. But before we routed back to the Embassy Suites for the grand reception, our team consisting of Brian, Thamer, Nathan, Elizabeth, Jason, and Taylor, took advantage of our locale and took the Bridal Party to the backside of the Public LA Library, where we had the most perfect setup for Photo & Video, as the skyline towered over us in sweet LA fashion. Even through the heat and all the day’s activities, the reception was one of the most fun-filled ones in recent memory. Everyone was ready to celebrate the lovely couple, and ring their future in with a bang. We are fortunate to have been present, and we thank Manny & Kia endlessly for having us capture their special day. May they have many happy anniversaries to come, from all of us at Prince Weddings!

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