Riley's Farm Wedding Video | Melissa + Paul

Riley's Farm Wedding Video | Melissa + Paul

Tucked away in the hills of Oak Glen sits Riley's Farm - a very unique, vintage, and comforting location with lush surroundings and plenty of apple orchards. This was the place that Melissa and Paul would say their "I do's." It had rained the night before, making the ground too muddy to walk through, but that didn't stop this fun and happy couple! Nor did it stop the very professional and accommodating staff at Riley's Farm. The ceremony transitioned to the inside of the barn and it looked fantastic! Along with friends and family, Melissa crafted many of the decorations by hand, including some beautiful flowers and little boats made of book pages or sheet music. Cinematographer Sergio, assisted by Elizabeth, loved working with Paul and Melissa. Their wedding was so much fun and very sentimental. We loved the personal touches throughout the day. Everything to the Star Wars mugs, comic book heels, and of course the awesome dances that night were just phenomenal. What really got the guests pumped was the music performed by Craic Haus - a  stellar "Shamrockabilly" band. Paul and Melissa, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your memorable day! And special thanks to Blanca as well :) Congratulations!!

Riley's Farm | 12261 S. Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, California 92399 E: P: 909-797-7534

Wedding Professionals:

Wedding/Venue Coordinator: Sheri Shields E:

Photographer: Van Grouw Photography E: P: 909-831-3536
(Cover Photo Credit)

Band: Craic Haus E: / P: 909-263-0797