Wedding Photography and Cinematography Cohesion | Prince Weddings

This little video has been making it's way around the "inter-webs" over the last week. Seeing this really illustrates why we as a production company offer both wedding videography and cinematography as a package deal. Doing so provides cohesion and avoids awkward moments like this. Our Prince Weddings photographers Alex Morgan, Christa Marie, and Thamer Bajjali are always mindful of making sure that they are unobtrusive and stealth when capturing photos at a wedding.

When we are appointed a wedding, we show up and make it a point to introduce ourselves to either the videographer or photographer and state our intentions. If we are shooting a video, it is generally easy to stay out of the way of the photographers. Most often, video requires us to stay static. However, when we are shooting photos, we have to be mindful of the videographers because they are not able to move around as easily if they need to frame us out of the shot. Most of the time, these situations are cleared up before the ceremony starts and there isn't an issue. Thankfully, we have been in this business since 2005 and have many years of experience. This has given us the opportunity to work with photographers and videographers from past weddings and we have built a professional relationship based on mutual respect and admiration for our fellow wedding vendors. Wedding Photography and Cinematography Cohesion