South East Asian Wedding Video | Samir & Anita - Highlights

South East Asian Wedding Video | Samir & Anita - Highlights [tg_youtube width="" height="" video_id="izcIRYEU5GM"]

Rhythmic drumming, cheering joyous voices, dancing that beckons the soul to join... Words alone cannot describe the energy and bliss of this day. The Prince Weddings crew consisting Nathan Prince and Thamer Bajjali were in Ranch Santa Margarita to film Anita's preparations while cinematographer Timmy Wildgoose assisted by Kristen Barnett filmed the ceremonies revolving around Samir and his family at the Renaissance in Long Beach, Ca. The Baraat followed shortly after the morning ceremonies. Samir led the charge on a gondola while the baraatis followed him with exuberant cheering and dancing, culminating at the entrance of the Hyatt Long Beach where elders of both families awaited the groom. Samir and Anita met each other at the alter where they perform the traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. After the wedding ceremonies, we had a wonderful opportunity to film Samir and Anita by themselves before their grand entrance to the reception. By this time the Prince Weddings crew added Brian Knott to assist in filming the reception. Mendhi Ceremony: Filmed and Edited by Thamer Bajjali Wedding Day Filming by: Nathan Prince, Timmy Wildgoose, Brian Knott, and Thamer Bajjali Same Day Edit: Editor Thamer Bajjali and Supervising Editor Nathan Prince Cinematography Assistants: Leah Palmer, Kristen Barnett, and Joseph Ngo A Very Special Thanks to: Neha Jespersen from Circle 7 Events Joe from Hetal From Kumba Entertainment & Event Services for use of his screens for our SDE and Slideshows