Los Coyotes Country Club Same Day Edit | Carlos + Raina

Los Coyotes Country Club Wedding Video | Carlos + Raina Orange County Wedding Videographer presents the Same Day Edit of Raina & Carlos. Wedding Videographers Nathan Prince & Bobby Burns captures all the wedding action to the hip hop ballad. Nathan & Videographer / Editor assistant Thamer Bajjali started in Garden Grove at the Hyatt Regency for all of the Bride preparation while videographer Bobby Burns headed to Fullerton to capture the guys. The Wedding Film Crew convened at the St. Angela Herci Church in Brea, CA where Carlos and Raina exchanged their vows. Unfortunately, for PrinceWeddings.net crew and the couple, the Priest refused to wear our mic so we can hear his sermon cleanly. Thamer Bajjali departed to Los Coyotes Country Club to start the Same Day edit and Videographer assistant Joseph Ngo aided during the wedding Ceremony. Julian Tovar relieved Nathan Prince at the Reception while he assisted and Thamer complete the Same Day edit above.

Cover Photo by Hal Jurcik | Not associated with Prince Productions INC